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Massage Therapy

Use massage to help your recovery

Our body moves because of muscle contractions. In a crash, the likelihood of damaging a muscle becomes pretty high which then makes it difficult to move normally. When the muscles can’t do their job, they do two things. Recruit other muscles to help out and create lasting patterns that make life miserable after the initial shock of the crash is over. 

Massage therapy, when performed by a properly trained therapist, can help your body undergo a series of retraining sessions that help bring your body back to the level that it was before the crash. Movement without pain can once again be a part of your life. 

Regular spa type massage techniques are not enough to make this process happen. Deep tissue is not always a safe approach. Medical massage requires a much higher level of therapy that involves understanding the whole body and how the integration of one muscle in the muscle chain can disrupt the entire function. 

At Whiplash Center of Utah, the only methods offered, are the techniques that are critical to the recovery of the body. Admittedly, it isn’t always fun, but the lasting results are the only thing we want to achieve. Sometimes we have to wade through the mud to reach the paradise on the other side.