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Preventing Whiplash

Protect Your Neck! More than 3 million people develop whiplash every year.  Even with all of the advances in safety technology, the numbers are consistent.

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My Neck Pain

A Testimonial Upper Cervical chiropractic works! “My neck pain got better after upper cervical chiropractic care,” stated by Amy is only one of many examples

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How To Breathe Properly

This may seem like an unusual topic, because most people think that they have breathing mastered, otherwise they wouldn’t be alive anymore. It is pretty

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How Pigs Get Fat!

In 1992, there was a significant change in America. This change put U.S. citizens on a path that we may not recover from. This is

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Speed versus Risk

When I talk to people about car crashes, I commonly hear how it was “just a fender bender”. Their neck was sore, but they weren’t

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