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Our Whiplash Injury Relief Team

What makes us so unique?

Car crashes cause injury. The most common is “whiplash”, which is when the neck gets “Whipped” back and forth from another vehicle hitting yours. Whiplash relief is so difficult to get on your own, and oftentimes, will cause permanent pain if you don’t fix it the right way.

Instant neck pain relief is what everyone wants, but reality is a different story. If you want neck pain relief, finding the best office just became a whole lot easier. Whiplash Center of Utah is Utah’s only chiropractic office that has been certified in car crash injury recovery. We are also certified in Upper Cervical treatment which precisely places the top bone in your spine exactly where it needs to go.

Once the top bone in your spine is in the right spot, our focus moves to the rest of the spine. It’s not just about the neck, the rest of the spine needs every bit of attention and therapy that the neck gets.

Because whiplash relief is our expertise, the treatments that we provide are state-of-the-art magic! At least that’s what one patient called it.

Dr. J Spencer Andersen

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) | Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist (BCAO) | Upper Cervical Specialist | Car Crash Specialist

Dr. Spencer Andersen came to St. George, through a convoluted process. After spending the first 19 years of his life in Alaska with most of his time outdoors, even when the temperature dropped far below zero, he started bouncing around the country attending various schools working on his degrees. Spending time in Idaho, Washington, and South Carolina, he finally reached his ultimate goal of receiving his Doctorate of Chiropractic. South Carolina spoiled him with a temperate climate and the decision to move to St. George was made.

Dr. Andersen loves the outdoors, and on those days where the weather is just about perfect, it is difficult for him to stay inside. He has a passion for fishing and looks forward to the summers when he is able to make it back up to Alaska to fish for salmon. He also loves triathlons and running and has been fortunate to be able to participate in some great races.

Another passion of his is Landscape Photography. Photography is an extension of hiking and it allows him to show his adventures to others.

In 2008, Dr. Andersen was fortunate to marry the love of his life, Carey. They have been blessed with an amazing family and immediately became the love and center of his life. If you ever want to get him talking, just ask him about his wife and son.