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Hey what’s up everybody Doctor Andersen again with the Whiplash Center

Hey what’s up everybody Doctor Andersen again with the Whiplash Center of Utah in St. George, Utah and today I’m gonna breakdown The top five reasons why making sure that you getting your children checked if they’ve ever been in a crash, is vital. Okay so Number one, the crash can actually alter the positioning of the bone of a child, a child’s bones are incredibly soft, as a the grow and they get older and by the time they turn 14 the bones are still actually changing shape. They are growing it’s why kids have growing pains. Their end-plates don’t actually solidified in their bones until about age 14. So any type of an impact at that point can create a problem and alteration to a structure as a child, will actually create an alteration within their long term status. So it can be a long term problem. So if we can correct and change the position of the bones, then that means the amount of weight and bearing that goes on to these bone scan alter, as well

Number two, but this is probably a bigger one. Children do not present symptoms the same way that adults do. If they do have the symptoms, they don’t know exactly what to do with it. They can’t, so they usually don’t come out and say “I hurt!” or “I have a headache” or “I’m not able to do this” or “I’m not able to do that”. What typically happens with the child is that they are just become emotional. They’re more tearful. They cry or they lash out. They become aggressive. They actually have bigger issues in terms of how they interact socially with other people. They present differently. And so, if a child has an injury or a pain and they’re not saying that I have a headache or my neck hurts, but yet they’re sleeping completely different. They are angry. . They are crying. They’re more needy. There are more latched onto the parent. These are little indicators that says the child has something that’s bigger that’s going on within their life So that will be the second reason behind why you need to get your children checked.

Number three. Is that a miserable child makes for a miserable parent. And I don’t mean that the child for the rest of life and when they become a parent becomes miserable. I’m talking about you, the parent themselves. If your kid is chronically crying and angry and mean, it is gonna take a toll on you. So a miserable child makes for a miserable parent. So that’s a little thing for you to make sure that your kids are doing better so that you can do better. So just keep that in mind.

Number four. Their relationship with others will suffer and I kind of touch on a little bit back that on how presents its symptoms. But when you start talking about the actual child’s relationship with others that are around them, it starts to suffer because they are becoming a little bit more angry or maybe they’re becoming violent. The other kids are not gonna want to be around them. Siblings are gonna want to avoid them. They may actually start fighting back. So your kid may get into a bit of altercations a little bit down the road. So there is that’s another reason why you want your children to have the best in life. For this I hope you do, and if there’s anything that’s going to prevent them from having a good social life. If they’re it hurt, they don’t wanna deal with it. So that’s the fourth thing.

Number five and this is probably bigger for their own personal development, is that their schooling and their education is going to suffer as well. I’ve had a number of patients that have been in crashes, that are in school, and when they get to school, they can’t focus. Their ability to concentrate on what the teacher is saying is very much hindered. The other side to it is that they can’t concentrate. Their head hurts and so they just they completely disengage. So those are the five things that should be enough of a reason for you the parent to make sure that your children get checked as well. It’s not just an adult problem. It’s a children’s problems as well. So those are the top five. Now, one of things that I recently put together, is that I put together more of a checklist, or a cheat sheet to help the person understand why the symptoms that they’re having is happening; where it’s coming from. So if this is something that you would like to have, it’s totally free. I put it together as a one page PDF. https://telios.lpages.co/crash-symptoms-and-their-causes/  Just click on the link and it will take you to where you can download that PDF, and it gives you a little bit of a reference point so you can make a good decision of whether the symptoms that you are experiencing is a serious problem. Now this is not an inclusive list. This is something that will just kind of give you a guideline, something to gauge everything upon. Also, If you do not have your crash packet, let’s just kinda give you an idea. This is the crash packet here. This goes into your glove box. It’s another one of those gifts and I am giving to you completely free of charge. If you do not have one, please come in to the office and pick one up. They really are your saving grace if you are ever involved in a crash. You don’t have to try to remember all the different things you need to do. And once again, it’s my gift to you. It’s totally free, and if you have more than one vehicle, then you need to get one for each of your vehicles. If you give them to everybody that you know and then we may actually reach my objective of trying to get one in every glove box in Southern Utah and I really appreciate it. In fact I think you’ll to find great value in it than I would. So that’s it. If you have any questions, comment below. If you like what you see, please do me a favor and just click the “SHARE” button. I just need this information to be sent out to as many people as you know. Sharing gets that to go a lot faster!