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Seat Belt – Should You Replace Yours?

Seat Belts can save your life…if they work!

Have you ever been in a crash that caused minimal damage, took your car to the shop for repairs, and then put it back on the road to drive around?  Chances are that a critical part of the vehicle was overlooked, untouched, and certainly not repaired.  In fact the significance of this piece of equipment, may not protect your life if you are ever involved in a car crash. Any guesses on what it may be? The answer is your seat belt.

Now I know you are probably thinking that it was a minor crash and that everything is fine.  You know what? It probably is, BUT, what if it isn’t?  What if the vehicle you own was once owned by someone else that had the same thing happen, and they thought the same thing, and did nothing to fix the problem.  I’m picturing the movie scene where someone is dangling by a rope that is slowly unraveling and the person hanging at the end of the rope ultimately plummets to their demise.  How do you know your seat belt isn’t prime to do the same thing? The answer is, you don’t.

Why checking your seat belt matters

You don’t know if all that it will take is a slightly greater impact to the car in your next crash, because let’s face it, there is probably going to be a next one, and the seat belt no longer has the ability to keep you secured to your seat, and you either hit your head on the windshield, steering wheel, or cross member of the car. Worse yet, you are ejected and there is a funeral.

How difficult is it to check your seatbelt?  It really isn’t difficult at all! In fact, what needs to happen is when you have your car at the shop to be repair from your crash, make sure that they check it for you.  Here is the caveat.  If you want the belt to be checked correctly, it has to be done by someone that is certified to do so.  This is typically done at the dealership, or by someone that is certified through an automotive manufacturer to be qualified to test the belt. If it passes, you are good to go.  If it doesn’t, it needs to be replaced, and then you are good to go.

Will it add to the bill of your repairs? Probably.  But what else will it add?  How about, years to your life, watching your kids play soccer, family vacations, being able to eat food without assistance, being able to go to work daily to provide for your family, going for a bike ride, taking a walk with your spouse, tucking your kids in at night.  I think you get the idea.

We need to stop looking at the micro picture of a dilemma and start valuing what outcome a decision ultimately will make on your life.  The bottom line, is that seatbelts save lives and provide the opportunity to see the sun come up the next day. A small crash WARRANTS the need to have the safety devices checked for their integrity.

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