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Why T-Bone Crashes Are Really Bad

Car crashes happen in every shape and size.  The most common crash is a rear-ending crash resulting in whiplash.  However, there are other types and can be just as damaging if not more so.  Probably the scariest type of crash to be involved in, is a T-bone or side impact crash or one where your car is T-boned.  This probably due to not being able to see the car coming before the impact.

There are more serious injuries that take place with a side impact car crash than any other style of crash with the exception of a rollover.  The reason behind why a rollover may be more severe than a side impact has more to do with it potentially creating 360 degrees of impact to the vehicle and,consequently, you.

The more common injuries that may happen are more likely to be extremity related as well as injuries to the head and hips.  The reason behind why, is due to the lack of compartment space that you would normally have in the engine compartment or the trunk.  Simply put, the vehicle hitting your vehicle, is doing so with very little protection between you and their bumper.

The laws of physics must be followed.

Now I’m sure that you are probably thinking, “Well, I have side curtain airbags”, so I will be much more protected.  And to a degree, you are right.  But even an airbag isn’t going to dampen the force of a 2-3 ton vehicle hitting your arm. There isn’t enough force from your door blocking the force of the vehicle to make the impact bearable.

And of course, we must take into account the risk factors that are always present.  Risk factors such as: age, previous injury, body position, gender, the Lug Nut rule, etc.  One I want to address is the Lug Nut rule.  The one with the more lug nuts, Wins.  If you are in a small car and are hit by a vehicle that is twice your size, you are going to lose.  The exception to the Lug Nut rule is, if you are in a big vehicle and the small vehicle is going REALLY fast, you are probably going to lose.

The point is that there will be exceptions to every incident, but the average outcome, is that side impact crashes, are ones that you do not want to be a part of. However, if you are, there is hope.  If you have been in a side-impact car crash, the best thing that you can do is get checked out at our office to ensure that you are indeed fine.  To schedule an appointment in our office for an accident evaluation, all you need to do is call 435-674-7515, and we will take care of the rest.  We are your St. George Chiropractor and we are dedicated to helping you live your lifestyle again.