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Take Action For Your Physical And Financial Health

Lately I have been hearing a lot of talk about action.  I have heard stories of people and their success with business, family, life, you name it, and it all stems from the action that was taken.  I have also heard the connection between luck and action.  It’s been said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

I bring this up, because I see on a daily basis, the difference between patient’s recovery and the lingering, nagging pain that they continue to suffer from.  I also bring this up, because we have had countless numbers of patients come in a few years after their car crash, having done nothing in way of treatment.  These patient’s are the ones that are the most difficult to help, because the level of injury has been building.  The damage may even be irreversible, and has become permanent.

Know the Insurance Payment Rules

In Utah, we have a wonderful program, though not perfect, that is designed to help patients, injured in a car crash, to get help.  It’s called Personal Injury Protection.  I have written about it, made videos about it, and given presentations regarding it.  You pay for it with your insurance policy, so why not use it.  I bring this up, because I want to draw a comparison.  In Florida, the window of opportunity for your insurance to pay for your medical bills is only 2 weeks.  If you miss that window, sorry, you are on your own.

Here in Utah, we are not that rigid.  However, the financial side of a car crash is only so big.  The bigger concern, by a long shot, is your pain.  Do I be so bold and argue that the reason a crash victim doesn’t seek out treatment, is because they like the pain?  Of course that would be ridiculous to believe, but we hear of crash victims avoiding treatment for a myriad of excuses.  The point is that people that have been injured in a car crash need to take action.  Fortunately we are not in Florida.  We have a larger window, but it not that much more.  We see insurance companies start to close the window after about 2 months post crash.  It becomes more and more difficult for people to get the financial coverage for their injuries if they delay.

Mark Twain stated “In twenty years, the things that you will remember the most, are the things you didn’t do.”  When it comes to a car crash, it will probably be less than 20 years.  It will probably only be 10 years before the pain becomes almost unbearable.  Don’t let that happen.  Take action now and avoid the misery.

If you have recently been involved in a car crash, and need help with your recovery.  Take the action now, and call our office.  We will take care of the rest.  We will develop a course of treatment that is custom to your needs. Call us today! 435-674-7515.