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How Wearing A Whiplash Brace Increases The Problem

What is a Whiplash Brace Good For?

With whiplash, there is a common approach to recovery that is being implemented across the nation by traditional care, and that is, cervical collars, or whiplash brace. On the surface it seems like a logical direction. If you have pain when you move, then don’t move. For the neck and whiplash injuries, the only real way to prevent movement is to wear a brace. However, if you have ever worn a cervical collar, you know very well that it doesn’t prevent movement. When I was working as an EMT for an ambulance service here in St. George, Utah, we often told patients when we put a collar on them that it was only a reminder not to move their head–which is a round about way of saying “even though you are wearing this collar, be careful, because you can still move your head.”

A Whiplash Study

Although, it is hard to believe that putting a whiplash brace on your neck and wearing it regularly would be a bad thing for healing. However, an international study of 100 patients with whiplash injuries showed that those that wore the collar as a form of treatment were substantially more likely to miss work. Those that were only given medication only had a 15% likelihood of missing work.

The study went on to say that the best form of treatment for whiplash injury was a form of active care, which included chiropractic and massage as well as physical therapy.

This study poses many questions. The most prevalent is, “Why is traditional care the most commonly sought after treatment for whiplash, when it has been proven to be one of the worst?” I understand that people do what people do, because that’s what they have always done, but why is that? We are creatures of habit without question, but if you know what the results are likely to be, and it isn’t positive, why would you do it? This can likely be summed up with one suggestion, and that is, they just don’t know any better.

My Job Is Not Only to Take Care of My Patients and Their Health Needs, But Also to Educate

I spend more time talking with my patients to explain the why behind the what, than actually doing the what. Truthfully, I love it! I love seeing a patient understand for the first time that there is a practical, logical, and scientifically better way to treat injuries than a prescription pad followed up with a long line of referrals.

True, chiropractic is not a fast remedy, but a lasting one. It is unorthodox to many, but traditional medicine started out that way as well.

I hope that this blog opens the eyes of others and helps them realize that traditional isn’t the only way. If you live in Southern Utah, and have been involved in a car crash, Please understand the Whiplash Center of Utah is an office that specializes and is certified in car accident injuries. So if you have been involved in a crash, call us immediately at 435-674-7515, and we will help you schedule your consultation to determine the best course of action for you.