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Seatbelts Save Lives! Period!

With many, there is a Love-Hate relationship when it comes to seat belts.  I have a friend that, while we were growing up, would claim that he would much rather be ejected from a car than to have the chance of being smashed by it.  We have had many discussion/arguments about that.  I have an old boss that would get so mad and angry about the seatbelt laws.  He claimed that the government had no right to impose a law on a personal decision.  He would claim that if he died in a crash, that it wouldn’t be anyone else’s responsibility and therefore the government should not be making such decision.  He and I went the rounds on that one too.

Spinal Fracture or Funeral?

That is the question.

I have the absolute honor to also be a firefighter for Santa Clara, UT., and also for Moses Lake, WA.  We have seen accidents where seat belts were used and where they were not.  It’s true that seatbelts have caused damage to the passenger, but statistically speaking, they save more lives exponentially than they injure.  So to my friend, old boss, and the rest of the nay sayers of seatbelts, the numbers don’t lie.  Seatbelts save lives! Period!  Now….I’ll get off my soapbox and also admit that they are responsible for injuries.  In fact according to a recent research project, there is a direct relationship with the use of seatbelts with Thoracic and Lumbar fractures.

Interestingly enough, there was also a direct correlation to the type of seat belt, 2 point versus 3 point harness, and the type and severity of injury.  Their research showed that you were 3 times more likely of suffering from a fracture while wearing a 3 point harness than if it was only a 2 point harness.

The challenge lies with the lessor of two evils.  Really when it comes down to it, wearing your seatbelt will save your life more than it will potentially injure you.

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