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Suffering From Headaches?

Are you one of the millions that suffers from headaches?  Do you find that your head throbs or pounds when you wake up?  Do you develop a headache that progresses throughout the day?  Are your kids annoyed with you because you are grumpy and have turned into a person who yells more than you give praise?  These symptoms are all too often the norm instead of the exception. They happen every day, all across this green earth.  So what do YOU do about it?

Do you pop ibuprofen or aleve like candy just to survive?  I can assure you that your headaches are not a result of too little aspirin or aleve in your system.  So what is it?  What can be causing your world to be turned upside down?  The answer lies in the life giving red liquid that everyone that is walking around has.  I’m talking about blood.  That’s right, blood.  Now you may be asking yourself this question: “Why is it that blood is the cause of my headaches, when not everyone has headaches, but everyone that’s alive has blood?”

Blood and Pressure

I’ll admit, there is more to it than just blood.  It’s more about pressure.  We have all heard of High Blood Pressure, or Low Blood Pressure, but that is not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the pressure that increases within the cavity of your skull because there is a decrease of equality in the flow within two arteries that run within your spine.  These arteries are known as the vertebral arteries. They literally enter the spine and with certain positions of the spine can be completely closed off.

Now imagine that with certain conditions, the top bone, also known as the Atlas or C1 can get stuck which in turn causes a decrease in the diameter of one of the arteries causing the other artery to have to dilate through a process called AUTO-REGULATION.  When this happens, there is a pressure that builds resulting in headaches.  The more severe the misalignment of the Atlas, the more potential for  more severe headaches.  Fix the Atlas and headaches can go away.

But there is one more factor to the equation.  With the misalignment of the Atlas, there poses another problem that may cause headaches.  We have another fluid called Cerebral Spinal Fluid.  This fluid flows up and down the spine. And we can help it keep flowing and help your headaches go away. Call us today. 435-674-7515