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Has your life been taken over by whiplash?

When someone is in a car crash and gets whiplash, their need to get neck pain relief becomes their top priority. Choosing the right office to help them get the whiplash treatment they need is absolutely critical.

A whiplash injury can happen faster than you can blink your eye. There is an average of 6 million new car crashes every year. Of that, approximately 3 million people are injured with whiplash. From that, 43% will deal with chronic neck pain, and sadly, 10% will have total debilitation. If you have ever been in a crash, you may feel that you have fallen into one of those categories.

The good news is that you have found the only office in Utah that has the right training and experience to make this happen.

6 million

car crashes a year

3 million

victims left with whiplash


left with total debilitation

Don’t live a life that leaves you miserable

The hardest part of my job is to tell people that they have a permanent injury. Sadly, it happens often. A damaged ligament doesn’t heal in its own because of a lack of blood supply. It doesn’t mean however, that the symptoms have to be permanent. 

There are distinct things that must be done, but a patient can live a “symptom managed” life after an injury, and we can show you how to make that possible. 

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