Car Crash

A car crash can change your life forever!

What once seemed like a minor fender bender can turn into a permanent injury.  Sadly, 3 million people suffer from a new whiplash injury every year.  From those injured, 43% will have chronic neck pain for the rest of their lives, while 10% will have complete debilitation.  Whiplash is nothing to pass off as a minor problem. Without whiplash treatment, you can be headed for a lifetime of pain and doctor bills.

So what can you expect if you are involved in a car crash?  Very commonly, you may experience neck pain or soreness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, and low back pain.  These pains typically will go away after a couple of days leaving you with a false sense of healing from the crash.  However, a hidden problem more sinister and borderline evil than the initial pains, is developing that may take weeks to years to surface.  When this happens, you might be left in sheer confusion as to why. If you are experiencing any of these problems, call us. Whiplash treatment is our specialty.

But even better than whiplash treatment is avoiding the whole situation in the first place. So how do you avoid dealing with this life changing event?  What can be done to protect yourself from ever getting whiplash?  There are answers to these questions.  As a seasoned chiropractor, I can help you discover a few.

So what exactly is whiplash?

By definition, whiplash is: “An abrupt snapping motion or change of direction resembling the lash of a whip.

A whiplash injury can happen faster than you can blink your eye. There is an average of 6 million new car crashes every year. Of that, approximately 3 million people are injured with whiplash.  From that, 43% will deal with chronic neck pain, and sadly, 10% will have total debilitation.  If you have ever been in a crash, you may feel that you have fallen into one of those categories.

Unfortunately, the speed of the car is only a small factor in what determines your chance of getting injured.  How do you determine your injury potential?  Are there certain things that you can do to minimize this risk?  Take our risk factor quiz available in our publication: A Victim’s Survival Guide To Whiplash Injury.  Get your free copy by clicking the blue button.