Chiropractor is best solution for whiplash

Chiropractor or Hospital for Whiplash?

Who should I listen to, the Hospital or the Chiropractor? A car crash can cause a lot of problems ranging from minor to quite severe.  If the injuries are significant enough, a trip to the hospital may be in order.  When you arrive at the hospital, there are a series of evaluations that are performed […]

Seat Belt – Should You Replace Yours?

Seat Belts can save your life…if they work! Have you ever been in a crash that caused minimal damage, took your car to the shop for repairs, and then put it back on the road to drive around?  Chances are that a critical part of the vehicle was overlooked, untouched, and certainly not repaired.  In […]

Chronic Whiplash And You

Whiplash is a scary thing for people to endure.  There are so many stories of people being injured in a car crash and the insurance companies flat out tell them that whiplash is a myth; that it isn’t real.  There are many people who believe them as well.  If you have ever experience this mythical […]

Preventing Whiplash

Protect Your Neck! More than 3 million people develop whiplash every year.  Even with all of the advances in safety technology, the numbers are consistent.  The sad reality is that approximately 43% of everyone that suffers from chronic neck pain can make a direct connection to a car crash which resulted in whiplash.  Our office […]

Speed versus Risk

When I talk to people about car crashes, I commonly hear how it was “just a fender bender”. Their neck was sore, but they weren’t REALLY hurt. Or were they. If a driver of a car was hit from behind, and the car was traveling at a speed less than 10 mph, it is easy […]

Whiplash 101

It’s very common, and it needs to be checked. One of the most common injuries that occur as a result of car accidents is whiplash. Known clinically as an “acceleration/deceleration injury,” whiplash may not appear to be a serious problem right away. Consider this: A rear-end collision that happens at five miles per hour delivers […]