3 Powerful Hip Flexor Stretches

Hip Flexor Pain At some point, everyone will experience some type of hip flexor pain. You may even ask these questions: What is a hip flexor? Why does it hurt? And what am I supposed to do to get rid of it? If you have ever asked these questions, stay tuned, because I’m about to […]

The Cost Of Low Back Pain In America

Did you know that Low back pain is costing America approximately $100 Billion dollars annually?  The cost comes from missed work, lack of productivity, and medical expenses.  The treatment protocol for out of the medical community is pretty limited and is typically referred out to Physical Therapy which does its best to rehabilitate the back […]

What To Do For Elbow Pain When Cycling

Pain in the back of the elbow can be a very discouraging problem for cyclists.  Fortunately, it can be a relatively simple correction.  Before you can correct a problem, you have to first identify why you have a problem.  Let’s first discuss a couple possible reasons as to the “why.”  It’s very common when a […]