Athletic benefits to therapy massageTherapeutic massage is a timeless technique that has been used to relieve pain and stress. Current massage techniques are used to help patients recover from surgeries and injury, and ease your pain or discomfort. This article explores how massage in our St. George office can  help. Also, we recommend you ask your doctor which massage therapy is might be best suited for your condition.


Various Massage Techniques


There are several forms of massage you may partake in when you come to the office. Massage therapists are capable of performing different types of massage that are specific to your condition. Also, you may ask for specific massage therapies that you know are most effective.


The massage therapy prescription may come down from your doctor or chiropractor. Your massage therapist will also ask questions at your first appointment. Your massage therapist will then use your answers to help create a massage style that works best for you.


You Are Free To Express Your Discomfort


Therapeutic massage is not a static exercise for you or your massage therapist. Your massage therapist has a goal for your session, but you may feel uncomfortable during your session. You are free and encouraged to let your therapist know how the process is going. If there is anything that you feel is not working, your therapist can alter their technique to help you feel more comfortable.


Your feedback will also help your massage therapist learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

While your body will become more accustomed to massage therapy over time, your therapist must build you up to a very heavy form of massage that will relax your muscles and body. The end game is not a heavy massage, but you may prefer a heavy massage from time to time. Allowing your therapist to build you up will make each massage appointment more beneficial.


What Does Massage Therapy Help?


Massage therapy is a medical tool that is used to help repair the body after injury, illness or surgery. A massage may help prepare you for your physical therapy appointment, or your massage may help you recover after your appointment with the physical therapist.


The frequency of your appointments must be controlled by your therapist. A wise massage therapist understands how often you must visit the office, and your massage therapist will change your appointment frequency over time for your benefit. Massage becomes a routine item for your body, but you should not receive massages too often. Consulting your therapist helps you create the right balance of therapy and rest.


A Good Massage Therapist is Priceless


The therapists in our St. George massage therapy office want you to feel comfortable with your treatment. Every therapist has their own style, and therapy appointments depend a bit on the speed that your therapist works. Someone who is new to massage may prefer to work with a therapist who moves through the process quickly, or maybe one who goes more slowly and provides explanations.


Partnering with a good therapist is an important part of your massage therapy because you will be working so closely together on your health program. You will have the opportunity to speak with them about how you feel from day to day and how you feel your massage therapy is working for you. Finding the right therapist helps you get the best service while also feeling extremely comfortable during your appointments.


Therapy Homework


A professional massage therapist can help you create “homework” that you can do on yourself when your appointments are over. It is very beneficial if the intervening few days or weeks between appointments are filled with massage therapy techniques that will keep you as comfortable as possible. You can learn how to massage yourself to a greater level of comfort, and you will learn tricks that will help you keep yourself comfortable if you are injured or stressed.


The “homework” you do helps you improve the results from your appointments, and you will have a way of comforting yourself when an appointment is out of the question. You will not have to run off to your therapist every time you feel a bit of discomfort; your therapist may be able to show you a technique to use when you need instant relief.


Massage therapy will help you recover from surgery or injury, and your doctor or chiropractor may prescribe massage therapy at any time. Finding a therapist who makes you feel most comfortable, and learn as much as you can about the art of massage therapy, will be a great benefit to your health. Your time spent with a therapist will do wonders to help your body heal.