Chronic Whiplash And You

Whiplash is a scary thing for people to endure.  There are so many stories of people being injured in a car crash and the insurance companies flat out tell them that whiplash is a myth; that it isn’t real.  There are many people who believe them as well.  If you have ever experience this mythical […]

The Cost Of Low Back Pain In America

Did you know that Low back pain is costing America approximately $100 Billion dollars annually?  The cost comes from missed work, lack of productivity, and medical expenses.  The treatment protocol for out of the medical community is pretty limited and is typically referred out to Physical Therapy which does its best to rehabilitate the back […]

What To Do For Elbow Pain When Cycling

Pain in the back of the elbow can be a very discouraging problem for cyclists.  Fortunately, it can be a relatively simple correction.  Before you can correct a problem, you have to first identify why you have a problem.  Let’s first discuss a couple possible reasons as to the “why.”  It’s very common when a […]

How Long Is This Supposed To Take?

How Long Will It Take for My Accident Injury to Get Better? If you have been involved in a car accident, you probably have suffered from some form of injury.  By simple deduction, the more severe the injury, the longer it will take to heal.  But this doesn’t necessarily set people’s minds at ease when […]

Knee Pain For Runners

Knee pain for runners can be one of the most devastating conditions to the morale of the runner.  Any runner that you talk to will probably, at one point of the conversation, mention something about it being a mental game more than physical.  If you are suffering from a chronic nagging pain in the knee […]

Citrus Ginger Green Smoothie

The turkey has been cooked and eaten.  I’m sure everyone that indulged the way I did this year had the same results.  I call it the Thanksgiving roll.  Basically, you lay down on the floor and roll back and forth moaning on how much your belly hurts because you are way too full.  My Friend […]