Our Team

The Whiplash Center of Utah is Southern Utah’s premier choice for Upper Cervical chiropractic and Auto Accident injuries.

What makes The Whiplash Center of Utah so unique? Why choose Upper Cervical chiropractic over the traditional techniques and why choose it now in your life?


The doctors and staff at the Whiplash Center of Utah are dedicated to our patients and treat them like they are our most important patient.  Whether the patient is suffering from typical headaches to more severe whiplash and other auto-related injuries, Dr. Andersen has a program for it.

Our office is comprised of a wonderful team of dedicated health care specialists.  Dr. Andersen, Dr. Syphus, and Mark Youngberg have been working together since 2004.  With a combined experience of over 85 years with helping patients with their health concerns, there is little that we haven’t seen or helped.

Debbie McCall joined our team in 2012 bringing with her 20+ years of experience of Therapeutic Massage and has quickly established herself as THE expert in Southern Utah for injury, chronic pain, and pregnancy massage.

Cynthia MacDonald is our most recent addition to our team.  She is Southern Utah’s expert with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.  She is qualified to perform Lymph Management, Lymphedema Management, and Complex Decompression Bandaging  and has been for nearly 20 years.

We are excited to offer this level of professionalism to Southern Utah and surrounding regions.


Dr. J Spencer Andersen

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) | Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist (BCAO) | Upper Cervical Specialist | Auto Accident Specialist

Dr. Spencer Andersen came to St. George, through a convoluted process. After spending the first 19 years of his life in Alaska with most of his time outdoors, even when the temperature dropped far below zero, he started bouncing around the country attending various schools working on his degrees. Spending time in Idaho, Washington, and South Carolina, he finally reached his ultimate goal of receiving his Doctorate of Chiropractic. South Carolina spoiled him with a temperate climate and the decision to move to St. George was made. Dr. Andersen loves the outdoors, and on those days where the weather is just about perfect, it is difficult for him to stay inside. He has a passion for fishing and looks forward to the summers when he is able to make it back up to Alaska to fish for salmon. He also loves triathlons and running and has been fortunate to be able to participate in some great races. Another passion of his is Landscape Photography. Photography is an extension of hiking and it allows him to show his adventures to others. In 2008, Dr. Andersen was fortunate to marry the love of his life, Carey. They have been blessed with an amazing family and immediately became the love and center of his life. If you ever want to get him talking, just ask him about his wife and son.

Mark Youngberg, OM

Office Manager

Born and raised in northern Utah, Mark moved to the St. George area in August of 2001 as a manager of a local restaurant. In 2004, he became acquainted with Dr. Andersen and began working with him later that year. Having a strong background in relations and service has made him successful in his career. Along with his knowledge of insurance and his bookkeeping background he is there to help find the best financial solution for your care. Being trained in imaging, modality care and therapeutic rehab, he is able to assist Dr. Andersen in the care of our patients getting them on the road to a better lifestyle. Mark enjoys volunteering in his community as a Deputy Chief of the Santa Clara City Fire Department and is also a certified Advanced EMT. He also spends time helping youth as a local Scout Master. He takes to heart our moto of “I can help you”.

Debbie McCall, LMT

Maestro of Massage

Debbie spent most of her life in Southern California, then moved to the Bay area where she got her schooling at NHI massage school in Emeryville, Calif. Most of her time working outside the home consisted of, certified nursing assistant, phlebotomist, and lab assistant. Also worked in surgery and was a dialysis tech.
Moving to St George, she continued her experience as massage therapist working at NIF, which is now Red Mountain Spa, Green Valley, and have spent most of her time as massage therapist working in chiropractors' offices.
Massage training consisting of: Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, trigger Point, specifically for fibromyalgia, Lymphatic massage, Thai massage, La Stone, aromatherapy massage, myofascial release techniques, specific body strategies, Trager techniques, stretches, and Energy work. Along with 20 plus years of body work, and working to improve both the physical and nutritional aspects of her clients, she also expanded her knowledge with iridology, Ayurvedic, cleansing the body, for added help with nutrition.
Debbie's passion is assisting people feel better by giving them instructions to further their results in gaining a better balance with their Mind, Body, and Spirit. So to add with her massage, she also gives ideas and information to gain a better results with a greater result of well-being..
Debbie also enjoys music. She sings with a women's barbershop group, Mak'n Harmony, She also enjoys swimming, hiking, anything to do with water, including water aerobics, and being with her family.

Cynthia MacDonald, LMT

Lymphatic Therapist

Cynthia is a national and state certified Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Therapist. Before moving to St. George, Utah, she had a successful private practice in Sacramento, California. Cynthia specializes in Manual Lymph Therapy (MLT), Lymphedema Management and Complex Decompression Bandaging. She continues to study advanced programs in MLT and Lymphedema Management to provide the highest level of treatment for her clients. Her clients are mend and women who come to her for diverse reasons ranging from edema, lymphedema management, Fibromyalgia (FM), repetitive-use-injuries, scar tissue pain, breathing issues, stress, and anxiety management.